Why Scuba Diving in the Philippines Is Very Popular

With all the news we heard about our marine life destruction, it is still a fascination to know that Philippines has maintained some places untouched making it one of the most preferred scuba diving spots in the world. That is why scuba diving in the Philippines is well known and many tourists are drawn to coming back here most of the time.
What makes Philippines a more appealing spot for scuba diving is its abundance in seas and beaches where you can do this. With a coastline of 36,289 kilometers, you will never run out of choices to enjoy your diving experience. With varieties on the mode of transportations, divers find it easier and quicker to go to their preferred diving spots. From the three main islands in the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, you can always find a place to dive. Accessibility has become one of the reasons why divers chose to do it here in the Philippines. From its main international airport, you can go to Batangas or Puerto Galera to go scuba diving within just a few hours. One example is Anilao in Batangas. This place boasts that they have a clear visibility of sea all year round. In Puerto Galera, it has many diving spots that you can choose from and has many places to stay to during your vacation.
If you are going to the Visayan region of the Philippines, the most popular diving spot among tourists is Malapascua. This place is also known for shark sightings.
On the southern part of the country, you have Mindanao where a couple of beaches are perfect for scuba diving like Dakak and Pearl Farm.
In Palawan, you will find the most well known Tubbataha reef, which is declared as a world heritage site and one of the wonders of the world. With the highly guarded place, reservations are made a year ahead or years ahead before you can do your diving here. However, for anyone who has gone here already, divers said that waiting is worth the wait and declaring it as such is just a deserving reward for Tubbataha.
Climate is also one of the reasons why scuba diving has become so popular in the Philippines. There are only two seasons here: wet and dry. Dry seasons starts from March until early part of June. This is the best time to do scuba diving. You will find many scuba divers with you, which will make it more fun and enjoying. You may choose to do it with your friend or you can always have a professional diver with you for your own safety.
Cold months are from November to February. You may still do your scuba diving during these months though there will still be some unexpected rain showers that may become a nuisance during diving. Wet season is a big NO for divers, definitely. Storms, strong rains and winds can be very harmful. It is at your own risk if you choose to continue.
Since it has become one of the leading activities, you will find that each diving spots has ready equipment for you to rent or buy for your own. In cases, you forgot one of your gears or it got broken, you will it handy that these stores exist when you need them most. Places to stay is not a problem since there are cottages or little cabanas, more like an apartment, that you can rent during your stay. Rental prices are fair enough compared to other diving spots outside the country, which makes it more appealing to do your scuba diving in the Philippines.